On average only 42% of Clearing students contacted one university. This means your institution seriously needs to get competitive. Why? Because, if the majority of Clearing students are contacting more than one institution, you’re going to want to make sure it’s yours they’re getting in touch with – simples! Now, here’s another useful stat (you can find plenty more in the full National Clearing Survey report): over 50% of students selected the first institution they contacted when it came to choosing where to enrol. Not…Continue Reading “Students are making multiple Clearing applications – game on!”

Another week, another National Clearing Survey snippet to reveal to you all. This week we thought we’d share with you some of our findings on those students who apply to a brand new institution through Clearing. The National Clearing Survey revealed that two-thirds of respondents (67%) enroled at an institution that they did not apply for originally by the 15th Jan. somewhere new during the clearing period. Therefore, there’s a very high chance that your Clearing applicants will be from those who have never applied…Continue Reading “Does your institution stand out from the crowd?”

You’re probably bored of hearing digital professionals banging on about this; but mobile is not coming… it’s here. With more and more people, across all sectors, using their mobile phones to search online, book holidays and watch content, it’s now vital that all digital campaigns are mobile friendly. Should mobile set up for a campaign be the first priority? Now, there’s a question to ponder on this evening. Check out our blog post on Facebook’s Annual Agency Day, where the importance of mobile was outlined,…Continue Reading “Please tell us you’re thinking about mobile”

Welcome to the third of our National Clearing Survey teasers; designed to give you a sneaky preview of what’s included in the full report, which you can download here. In this blog post, we are going to outline why your institution’s brand identity needs to be on point to attract Clearing applicants. We have mentioned in previous posts that the right course is the primary factor for a student, when selecting a Clearing institution. However, students are more likely to apply to institutions they are…Continue Reading “Why brand awareness is a big deal”

Students are increasingly going into Clearing because they have changed their mind about their study choice at the last minute, rather than because they did not meet the offer conditions of their first choice Higher Education Institution. That’s the finding of a major national survey which looks into the behaviour of students who accessed the service in 2016. The National Clearing Survey 2016 has found that 44% of students used Clearing because they have changed their mind about either their course, the institution or location,…Continue Reading “More mind changers keep universities guessing in clearing”

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you’re feeling re-charged and ready to take on 2017 with Clearing campaigns worth nothing less than an A*. To ease you back in gently here is another sneak peek at some of the information you’ll find in our National Clearing Survey report. In an ideal world, the majority of students would like to be able to bag a place on a great course, at a top University, complete with excellent accommodation and facilities. However, in reality, it’s…Continue Reading “What factors are most important to a Clearing student?”

Our Insights team have crunched over 226,000 pieces of data, from over 3,000  UK students to bring you this hugely valuable report – to help your institution revolutionise the way it runs your  2017 Clearing campaigns. The survey unearthed some interesting results. For example, would you have guessed that only 47% of students went through Clearing because they didn’t achieve the grades for their insurance choice? Yep, the majority actually cited different reasons for going through this process. The findings broke down Clearing students into…Continue Reading “Do you know the four different profiles of Clearing students?”