Who is the Traditional student? Everything you need to know about this type of Clearing profile

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It’s now time to look at the Traditional Clearing student; despite being one of the more straightforward Clearing profiles, don’t be assumptive about the motivations of this group? They make up the biggest group of Clearing students in our National Clearing Survey; you can download the full report here.

Who is the Traditional Student?

Post-92 Institutions listen up

This demographic are seeking a new university place, because they have not achieved the grades to get into their first choice. They are therefore searching for courses or institutions with lower entry grades. Our survey revealed that 44% of Traditional Clearing students ended up enrolling at Post-92 institutions. If you work for a Post-92 University, which accepts lower entry points to that of a Russell Group institution, then make sure you are promoting your wide variety of courses available. Take a long term view and make sure your SEO is on point, so you are ready for Clearing and all those searches being made during that key time. Remember to focus at a course specific product level as the NCS shows that course subject and course content content is most important to this Clearing group.

Don’t neglect your UCAS profile

The Traditional Clearing student will make up the majority of your Clearing applicants. Our research shows that they are keyed into the UCAS application cycle and use it as a vital source of information. Your course listings need to be up to date on the UCAS website; they need to be engaging and include clever messaging to promote your institution.

Stick with Snapchat

Snapchat is the most commonly used platform for this group of Clearing students. Your Institution needs to be making sure it’s using this channel to reach out to this young demographic. Snapchat is continuing to introduce new features for advertisers; these can include Geofilters or sponsored adverts (which look similar to a single ‘my story’ post). You can find more information about advertising on Snapchat here.

Facebook and YouTube are also popular with the Traditional Clearing Student, so make sure you are putting together Clearing campaigns for these platforms too. Have you considered advertising on Amazon? You can place your adverts on a brand new platform, which nobody else is using, targeting pages prospective students will be looking at. Click here for more information.  

Get competitive

Unlike other profiles, this group tends to contact multiple institutions. This is because they are less constrained by other factors, such as location or additional family commitments. After a prospective Clearing student has applied, you need to make sure you keep them interested right up until enrolment. Tracking and lead neutering are going to be imperative for this process; do not let them fall out of the conversion funnel.

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