Who is the Mind Changer? Everything you need to know about this type of Clearing student

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As mentioned, the National Clearing Survey has broken down the different types of Clearing student into four distinct profiles. Now, although we’ve outlined the main attributes and characteristics of these students we thought, that as Clearing is just around the corner, it was time to look at these profiles in much more detail.

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Who is the Mind Changer?

The National Clearing Survey revealed that the Mind Changer was more likely than any other profile to reapply to one of their original five UCAS choices – with 13% opting for their first choice and 14% reapplying to their second. It’s possible that Mind Changers will already be on your systems; so don’t ignore those who have previously applied but, for whatever reason, did not convert. Get your institution’s name out there in advance, with carefully targeted re-marketing campaigns to prospective students?

Institution location is one of the top three factors affecting which offer was selected for this group. This tells us rankings and grade boundaries are not just the key factors when it comes to this particular demographic. Pre-Clearing searches indicate that Mind Changers search for alternative options and locations closer to home, rather than lower grades. Have you considered geo-targeting, which can be an effective technique for this group?

And speaking of search…

Our National Clearing Survey identified that the top searches in advance of A Level Results Day were:

  • Institutions close to your home location
  • How the Clearing process works
  • When Clearing opens
  • Alternative courses on offer
  • Alternative universities offering your original course choice

These type of searches are carrying significant volume for your target audiences. You want to make sure you are delivering content surrounding these keywords. Looking for more guidance on making sure visibility on Google is strong? Contact our SEO specialists.

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