Post-92 institutions, it’s time for you to take centre stage

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So, after dedicating an entire blog post to Russell Group Universities, it’s only fair that we give the same amount of page space to Post-92 institutions too. These type of institutions, which tend to be former Polytechnics or central institutions, contributed to over 50% of the respondents in our National Clearing Survey.

Post-92 institutions attract a mixture of Clearing student types, with the Traditional Clearing Student being the most popular profile to apply to this type of university.

The graph shows us that the Traditional Clearing Student has achieved lower grades than predicted, which is why they are now applying to a different university via Clearing. As the Traditional Clearing Student has not secured their first choice, they will now be looking to institutions who offer lower entry requirements. This is perfect for a Post-92 university, whose application process is normally less competitive, compared to other groups.

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But, break away from tradition too…

Don’t focus all your Clearing efforts around the Traditional Clearing Student. Post-92 institutions have an excellent opportunity to provide higher education courses to slightly alternative HE markets; for example, mature students or those looking to remain local. With the right targeting and messaging, campaigns can be centered around these audiences and their various needs.

Looking to run a campaign which targets these demographics? Perhaps you’re looking to reach out to prospective students who want to balance their studies with other commitments? Get in touch with our team of Digital Strategists.

Get those competitive juices flowing

Our survey has revealed that students looking at Post-92 institutions are more likely to contact just one institution during Clearing. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that all messaging associated with Clearing provides a compelling offer for the student, as well as effectively distinguishing what the institution is all about. Stand out from the crowd and showcase the type of experience a student would enjoy at your institution.

Keep aware

Brand awareness can be more of a challenge for Post-92 institutions, so it’s important to start these type of campaigns early… or better still, run them all year-round. Overall awareness of Post- 92 institutions is lower compared to Russell Group institutions. Showcase your courses, your facilities and your institution’s USPs throughout the academic year; you want your institution to be on the tip of every clearing student’s tongue.

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