Russell Group universities need to bring their ‘A’ game during Clearing too

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Yes, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Russell Group universities. We thought it was about time we outline a couple of snippets from the National Clearing Survey which you Russell Group folk might find handy.

First of all, the National Clearing Survey has revealed that brand awareness is high for Russell Group universities, with 92% of respondents having heard of the institution ahead of A Level Results Day, compared to the 85% average. However, this doesn’t mean that Clearing isn’t still competitive for these type of institutions. Russell Group HEIs need to work hard to engage with, and convert, high calibre students who contact them during Clearing. The focus of Clearing activity needs to be concentrated on these type of campaigns, rather than standard awareness-raising content. Our team of Digital Experts will be able to work with you on engaging with these types of students through compelling and innovative activity.

Give those ‘Adjustment Students’ plenty of air time

We’ve already outlined the four different profiles of Clearing students. Now, although all these demographics need to be taken as serious opportunities, the Adjustment Student needs to be at the forefront of a Russell Group institution’s mind. The National Clearing Survey revealed that this group of universities had a higher proportion of Adjustment Students, compared to the overall average.  

Adjustment Students are choosing to change their place because they have achieved better results than they were predicted; and are now looking to enrol at a higher ranked university. We typically would associate this with a Russell Group institution, as they tend to be placed higher up the league tables. In the National Clearing Survey Adjustment Students rated the responses of call handling teams lower than any other group, so make sure that your call handlers understand the position Adjustment Students are in.

What are their key course choice factors of Adjustment students during clearing?

As we can see rankings are important to these respondents, so highlight them in your campaign messaging. Make sure you explain why these rankings are beneficial and what they mean. For example, what does being number one in the UK for medicine mean for the student? How will this impact their overall experience?

Why not nurture prospective students, by gradually showcasing them information throughout the academic year? Our marketing performance measurement platform, Akero, will allow you set up effective automation workflows to move potential applications down the conversion funnel.

Private School vs Widening Participation recruitment

The National Clearing Survey revealed that Russell Group applicants had come through via private education; with a 10% lead, compared to the overall sector.

These findings show how Russell Group institutions can target private schools with digital marketing campaigns. However, if Widening Participation is a priority for your institution then you may need to alter your messaging to appeal to a far different type of student. Instead, focus on aspiration-raising from targeted groups. This will allow your institution to perhaps appeal to students who are from less privileged backgrounds, yet have achieved the entry grades.

How is your Russell Group planning for Clearing in 2017? You can download the full National Clearing Survey report for further information on the minds and motivations of a UK clearing student.

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