Students are making multiple Clearing applications – game on!

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On average only 42% of Clearing students contacted one university. This means your institution seriously needs to get competitive. Why? Because, if the majority of Clearing students are contacting more than one institution, you’re going to want to make sure it’s yours they’re getting in touch with – simples!

Now, here’s another useful stat (you can find plenty more in the full National Clearing Survey report): over 50% of students selected the first institution they contacted when it came to choosing where to enrol. Not only do your recruitment campaigns need to stand out to attract applications, but they also need to be so bloomin’ awesome that you’re a student’s first choice too.

The overall figures show that if you can be first on a student’s contact list during Clearing, you increase your chances of being the institution they enrol with. Therefore, brand awareness and developing a desire for your institution and course portfolio ahead of Clearing can seriously pay off.

Alas, it’s not totally plain sailing…

Nothing in life is straightforward, and Clearing students are no exception. A student’s application process can vary depending on the type of Clearing student they are. As revealed in the National Clearing Survey, and also on the NCS blog, there are four different profiles of Clearing students; which you need to be aware of.

It seems that Traditional Clearing Students are less sure about where to apply and are much more open-minded in broadening their choices with multiple offers. Can you come up with a marketing campaign to target that demographic?

Top tip

Regardless of whether you’re first or second choice, all leads and applications need to be followed-up and nurtured. Understand the needs and concerns of each student, provide them with engaging and relevant content. Most importantly, you want your institution to be the one on every student’s mind.

Craving more information on how to get ahead? Download the National Clearing Survey.

Remember, our Digital Strategists are on hand to plan, implement and track Clearing campaigns and increase student enrolments.

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