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Another week, another National Clearing Survey snippet to reveal to you all. This week we thought we’d share with you some of our findings on those students who apply to a brand new institution through Clearing.

The National Clearing Survey revealed that two-thirds of respondents (67%) enroled at an institution that they did not apply for originally by the 15th Jan. somewhere new during the clearing period. Therefore, there’s a very high chance that your Clearing applicants will be from those who have never applied to your HEI, and have never even made an enquiry. The survey presents some very important considerations, which your University seriously needs to be thinking about when planning those Clearing campaigns.

Don’t let your brand awareness slip

Although that statistic in the second paragraph reveals that the majority of students enrol somewhere new, it’s important to note that 85% of Clearing students have still heard of their institution in advance. So, (and we can’t stress this point enough) make sure you continue to run brand awareness campaigns before, during and after A Level Results Day.

There are going to be students looking to apply somewhere brand new during that manic day in August this year; make sure it’s your institution they find.

Be aware of your social media following

Ever heard of social media ‘lurkers.’ These are people (and in your case, prospective students) who watch your social media accounts, but do not actively engage with any of your campaigns. There might also be students who, for one reason or another, have dismissed your institution at an earlier stage. However, they may become interested after seeing something fresh and exciting from your institution. If this isn’t a reason to stand out then what is?

When these silent social media ‘lurkers’ eventually emerge from the shadows, you want to make sure it’s your groundbreaking campaign they engage with.

Retargeting realness

There is real value in returning to previous applicants, who did not select your institution as their first choice, and targeting them again. Approach these previous applicants (taken from your records) with an updated campaign and win them over with fresh messaging. Get in touch with our team of Digital experts; they’ll make sure you’re always standing out to prospective students with innovative remarketing campaigns.

Recruiting students during Clearing is never just about one day. The process goes on for weeks; make the most of this entire period when planning your campaigns.

Don’t forget you can download your copy of the National Clearing Survey here.

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