It’s that time of year again, and our Research and Insights Specialists have been analysing the numbers and crunching the data to bring you the most insightful edition of the National Clearing Survey. But, before the big reveal, we thought we’d give you a little teaser of what to expect in a live webinar. Save your place and join the webinar on Friday 19th January at 11am to hear Net Natives’ Director of Education, Murray Simpson, Head of Research and Insights, Kas Nicholls and HE…Continue Reading “Webinar: The National Clearing Survey 2017 revealed”

With over 70 partners already signed up to take part, this year’s National Clearing Survey was released last week on A Level Results Day and is currently on its way to thousands of Clearing students across the country. Launched by Net Natives to understand the Clearing process from a student’s perspective, the intelligence gathered from the National Clearing Survey will help institutions improve future Clearing strategies and hit those all-important enrolment figures. Sound good? No worries – there’s still time to take part in this…Continue Reading “It’s all go for 2017’s National Clearing Survey”

It’s now time to look at the Traditional Clearing student; despite being one of the more straightforward Clearing profiles, don’t be assumptive about the motivations of this group? They make up the biggest group of Clearing students in our National Clearing Survey; you can download the full report here. Who is the Traditional Student? Post-92 Institutions listen up This demographic are seeking a new university place, because they have not achieved the grades to get into their first choice. They are therefore searching for courses…Continue Reading “Who is the Traditional student? Everything you need to know about this type of Clearing profile”

After analysing the Mind Changer and the Direct Applicant, we thought it was time to look at the Adjustment Student in more detail too. You can find a full breakdown of the different Clearing profiles here. Who is the Adjustment Student? The National Clearing Survey revealed that 41% of Adjustment Students applied to Russell Group Universities. As this group have achieved higher grades than predicted, it’s likely that they will be looking at higher ranked universities during Clearing. It’s because of this that the Adjustment…Continue Reading “Who is the Adjustment Student? Everything you need to know about this type of Clearing student”

It’s time to cast our Clearing focus over to the Direct Applicant, as we look at another Clearing student profile in more detail. Make sure to visit our previous blog post for more information on the Mind Changer, another Clearing student profile. The National Clearing Survey 2017, is bursting with useful insights and findings on how the minds of Clearing students tick; make sure you download a copy. Who is the Direct Applicant? The mean average age of this group is 24 and they tend…Continue Reading “Who is the Direct Applicant? Everything you need to know about this type of Clearing student”

As mentioned, the National Clearing Survey has broken down the different types of Clearing student into four distinct profiles. Now, although we’ve outlined the main attributes and characteristics of these students we thought, that as Clearing is just around the corner, it was time to look at these profiles in much more detail. For further information why don’t you download the National Clearing Survey? Make sure you contact our team of digital experts to start planning your Clearing campaigns for 2017. Who is the Mind…Continue Reading “Who is the Mind Changer? Everything you need to know about this type of Clearing student”

So, after dedicating an entire blog post to Russell Group Universities, it’s only fair that we give the same amount of page space to Post-92 institutions too. These type of institutions, which tend to be former Polytechnics or central institutions, contributed to over 50% of the respondents in our National Clearing Survey. Post-92 institutions attract a mixture of Clearing student types, with the Traditional Clearing Student being the most popular profile to apply to this type of university. The graph shows us that the Traditional…Continue Reading “Post-92 institutions, it’s time for you to take centre stage”

Yes, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Russell Group universities. We thought it was about time we outline a couple of snippets from the National Clearing Survey which you Russell Group folk might find handy. First of all, the National Clearing Survey has revealed that brand awareness is high for Russell Group universities, with 92% of respondents having heard of the institution ahead of A Level Results Day, compared to the 85% average. However, this doesn’t mean that Clearing isn’t still competitive for these type…Continue Reading “Russell Group universities need to bring their ‘A’ game during Clearing too”

If you are working in the Further Education sector then your Clearing game needs to be strong – this is because more and more colleges are now giving students the opportunity to study Higher Education courses with them. The National Clearing Survey has revealed some differences in behaviour, compared to those students applying to traditional Higher Education institutions. These results will no doubt help colleges market themselves through the entire Clearing process, with carefully targeted marketing comms. Are you an FE college offering HE courses?…Continue Reading “Let’s cast the National Clearing Survey spotlight over the Further Education sector”

You can generate record levels of applications, and your engagement levels can totally smash last year’s effort, but if your call handlers don’t know their stuff, then it could all be a complete waste of time. The National Clearing Survey revealed that call handlers must have a solid understanding of all the information a Clearing student needs. Obvious? What actually is this information needed? What does a Clearing student need to know then? What we expect from Clearing call teams has changed over the years….Continue Reading “Clearing handling call teams… can they handle it?”