The NCS Team
The National Clearing Survey has been created by the Analytics, Insights and Research team (AIR) at Net Natives, The leading digital education specialist agency.
Don Skinner
COO / Digital Director Net Natives & Akero Labs

In his role as Digital Director Don is the driving force behind innovation at Net Natives and looks inside and outside the Education sector to inform developments across all the agency's resources and services. Along with Akero and EduRank, the National Clearing Survey is the culmination of Don's passion for wanting to track all areas of digital for the sectors that Net Natives service. Don was the first person at Net Natives to achieve Google Qualification and still requalifies. He has managed digital strategies for the London Olympics, The Guardian and major University and local government clients.
Murray Simpson
Head of Higher Education

Murray Simpson is the Head of Higher Education at Net Natives where he works closely with a number of institutions such as the University of Westminster, Amsterdam University, and the University of Sussex to implement digital marketing strategies to increase student enrolments.
Kas Nicholls
NCS Development Lead

Kas is the brains behind the creation of the National Clearing Survey. Prior to getting her mathematical head into the digital stats for the National Clearing Survey she was busy analysing customer data for large retailers including IKEA. She has managed insight projects for a diverse range of Natives clients and is also the lead on EduRank.
Chris Rockell
National Clearing Survey Design

Chris is responsible for the overall aesthetics of the National Clearing Survey, and makes sure that all those digital stats that the insights team love make the most impact. When he's not working on the National Clearing Survey and EduRank, Chris works on a range of varied creative projects for our clients